London Marathon Memorabilia.

Firstly I'd like to wish good luck to all the runners in todays marathon.

And in celebration of this famous event which has been running (pun intended) every year since 1981 and started with 6,747 taking part. To now being one of the world's largest marathons with over 40,000 runners in todays race.

We would like to extend to all marathon runners the chance to frame their memories with a 10% discount on all Memorabilia framing. 

Here is an example of three successful marathon runs, the medals from those events and a shirt that have been encapsulated with in custom made frame. 


Thank you

Crayford picture framing has hit the six month mark and I'm very happy to say that everything is going well.

It's been a pleasure to have framed so many interesting items, and the challenge of new and differing projects make it all worth doing.

Thank you to all our customers that have left kind reviews on Facebook, Google, yell, etc. Your support has been much appreciated.

All the best, Anthony. 

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